More than 600,000 pets are euthanized each year because their owners have not made provisions for their care upon the owners' death.

Pet Stories


CocoaLouise, my dear friend, had a little Yorkshire terrier named Cocoa that she loved dearly. We used to joke that if she kept spoiling her she was going to need a bigger house just to hold all her toys. Louise and Cocoa were inseparable, but after a while, Louise started to feel sluggish and her energy dropped severely. After numerous appointments with doctors, it turned out that Louise had an aggressive form of breast cancer and the outcome didn't look good. After several treatments with no improvement, Louise pulled me aside and asked if I'd be willing to take care of Cocoa if things didn't turn around. It was a heartbreaking conversation, but I of course agreed. The next day, Louise set up a Pet Trust in a matter of hours, which named me caretaker of Cocoa. She also set aside a sum of money to ensure I was able to provide the best care for Cocoa . It wasn't long after that Louise passed away. It was an extremely difficult period and it made me realize the unpredictability of life. I have since set up a Pet Trust myself, to ensure that if something should happen to me, Cocoa and my dog Holly will have a good home and the care they need.

Maria S.