More than 600,000 pets are euthanized each year because their owners have not made provisions for their care upon the owners' death.

Power of Attorney for Pet Care - What You Will Need

The durable power of attorney for pet care is a useful document during times that you must "temporarily" give custody and care of your pet over to another person; for example, when you must travel without your pet.

In the event that your pet should require boarding, veterinarian medical care or hospitalization while you are away, the durable power of attorney assures service providers that your "agent" named in the document has the legal authority to authorize the services provided to your pet and to contract on your behalf for payment for those services. Like all powers of attorney, its validity ceases upon your death at which time the successor trustee and caretaker named in your pet trust assume responsibility.

  • You will be asked to consider who you will name to take care of your pet in your absence
  • You will also be asked to name an alternate in the event the primary caretaker is unable or unwilling to act for whatever reason